Become a SNAK PACK Partner

We love that your helping spread the word regarding healthy snacks. In return we want to make this super easy for you and ensure you’re rewarded for helping us spread the word. Simply complete the application below to join the SNAK PACK Partner mailing list and benefits programme. 

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By submitting this form you agree for us to use the contact data provided to contact you regarding offers, promotions and other information regarding our packs. Your details will not be pass on or used for any other purposes without further consent. For more information, please read our full privacy policy.

PartNER Benefits: 

Free Snacks

You’ll receive a 5 item Nibbler pack every time a new user orders their first monthly pack, using your unique discount your code.

Discounts for family & friends*

  • 10-20% OFF all ‘Build Your Own Packs’. 
  • Special partner only promotional deals. 
  • 15% OFF every monthly pack for you and 5 others.

*Available after 5 successful uses of your unique discount codes. 

We make you look good

You'll receive our latest promotions and news ahead of our customers and followers. This gives you the chance to: 

  • Gain an online following by sharing. 
  • Take advantage of the offers yourself.



Do I get a unique discount code for offers?

Yes, Once you've complete the partner form, we'll contact you with a set of unique codes. These can be used on our website. 

What discounts can I offer?

We want to make it easy for you to win friends so we provide the following offers for you to share: 

  • 99p First Nibbler Pack (Inc. Gluten Free & Vegan Packs)  
  • Up to 25% OFF first Muncher, Nibbler, Feaster & Fit Fuel Packs (Inc. Gluten Free & Vegan Packs)  
  • Up to 20% OFF first'Build Your Own' packs. 
  • Flash Deal codes. 

Can I use your imagery to help get sign-ups?

Of course, We've include a link below to our media pack, full of useful images and logos for easy sharing.

We also love to see your own photo’s and videos of you, your friends or family and your pack.

Can anyone be a Partner?

We review each application we receive individually and decide based on the merit of the individual. Additionally, we also reserve the right to revoke access to our partner programme should we deem necessary. 

What are your future plans for the programme?

We’re keen to grow and expand how our partner programme works. If have feedback and suggestions, please let us know and we’ll take them onboard.  

Why do my codes need to get used 5 times before I get Family & Friend rewards?

We want to make sure your as committed to snacking as we are! Rest assured, we want you to succeed; we advise you use the 5 free packs code first. If you're struggling after that, let us know and our team can offer you support & guidance. 

Am I Limited to how many Friends & Family I can share my code with?

We'll give you a unique code which can be used:

  • 5 times in exchange for 10% off Nibbler Subscription*
  • 5 times in exchange for 15% off each monthly pack Subscription*

*Cannot be combined with existing discounts, only available on first time subscription, limited to one per users.