Once upon a time...


...there lived a Personal Trainer, who was passionate about food and fitness in equal measure.

He loved nothing more than helping his clients eat well and get in shape. His clients worked hard, striving to maintain healthy lifestyles both in and out of the gym; they even ate their vegetables (everyday!). 

But, shortly after each client would start training, they would tell the trainer the same little secret...

"Personal Trainer, I start my day eating well, but between meals it always happens! I'm so hungry I can't think straight and find myself reaching for ANYTHING to satisfy my hunger and give me some energy".

They were of course, referring to 'Horrid Hunger'; the nasty monster who caused their tummies to rumble and their moods to turn angry unexpectedly. The Personal trainers clients would exclaim: 

"Tell me Personal Trainer, what can I do to keep 'Horrid Hunger' at bay?"


...the Personal Trainer knew about "Horrid Hunger" all too well.

Desperate to help his clients before the hunger and anger reached the irreversible 'H-ANGRY' phase, he explained to his clients how he had previously defeated "Horrid Hunger": 

"Like you, I've always loved my food and I used to become terribly frustrated trying to find convenient, yet good-for-you foods when I'm busy. So, I started to gather snack bars for times when "Horrid Hunger" would come.
I discovered "Horrid Hunger" had three fears: 
1. Snacks made from good-for-you natural ingredients.
2. REALLY, REALLY good tasting snacks that fill-you-up. 
3. Snacks made with love and passion." 



...the Personal Trainer sought to banish "Horrid Hunger", forever. 

After listening to the Personal Trainers' wise advice, his clients would pause for a minute before saying:

"..where do I find these snacks you speak of?"

Realising that it had taken him years to create such a vast collection of snacks he replied: 

"I'll create you a special box of my favourite snacks".

The Personal Trainer collected together all of his favourite snacks and parcelled them up into boxes. Upon opening the box, his clients saw the brightly wrapped snacks and the amazing flavours and exclaimed:

"WOAH! This SNAK PACK is perfect. I'll never be without a snack again". 

Without fail, the next week his clients returned saying: 

"You did it, you banished "Horrid Hunger"! But, my partner and family started to complain of "Horrid Hunger" too, so I shared my snacks with them. Then my colleagues and family friends heard about the snacks so I shared my snacks again...
So, I was wondering, can I get more SNAK PACKs?"

The Personal Trainer, was happy to oblige, and ever since he has continued to create SNAK PACKs for anyone that asks, keeping "Horrid Hunger" at bay.